Dog Walking Services Brixton, Clapham, Stockwell and surrounding areas.

My Guarantee To Your Dog

Dawgz N Da Hood is insured to walk up to 6 dogs together, but I want to make the experience a pleasure not only for me but for each individual dog I walk.

The aim is to give each dog a personalised plan, this means that if your dog is a social, energetic dog then they can be walked with dogs of the same personality to give them the fun and exercise they want and need, however, if you have a dog which is slower and less sociable I will aim to ensure they are on their own or with dogs they can get along with, but overall I will work with you to ensure that the best walk is given.

I am passionate about all dog breeds and especially love the affection and total trust given by them when they trust you.

Group walks (4-6 dogs): £15 per hour

If you have a dog which is slower and less sociable, I offer to walk them with dogs they can get along with. If this is not an option, I can walk them on their own.

Individual walks: £20 per hour

Dog siblings: £25 for two and £5 each additional dog

Evening and weekend walks: £25 per hour (this includes bank holidays)

Peace of Mind

As stated above, I am fully insured to handle your furry loved one and also DBS checked, so you can be assured your pet is in the best hands.

It is my focus whilst I am out with the dogs to put their needs and safety first and I will liase with you as my client and dog parent to get all the information about your dog and give you any information about the walk and behaviour displayed whilst out. 


Your dog will be given a scheduled time that they will be picked up and walked  to their play destination.

You can put your trust in me and the service I provide.

Call me now on 0752 672 8980 to discuss your requirements.

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